Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Concorde Group Review- If You Are Looking For Everything Desirable Under One Roof

Concorde group Residency apartments can be seen as marking every edge of your thoughts which you perceive for your homes. These are apartments composed of 2 BHK, 3 BHK flats, which are complete peaceful homes in the region near Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. 
Concorde Group Review Bangalore
The apartments are befitted along with the amenities to suit the basic necessities of the residents likewise garden, swimming pool, play area, health facilities, library, separate court for different indoor games like basket ball, tennis, badminton; community hall, cafeteria, clubhouse, gymnasium, intercom, broadband internet, 24 hour backup, high tech security, maintenance staff, and rain water harvesting technique. The structure of the concorde group is such that it falls in to the category of seismic zone II compliant structure with concrete solid block masonry. They are designed with attractive entrance lobbies, and large car parking at the basement.
The flats are imbued with designer ceramic flooring for almost all the areas. Then the ‘L’ shaped black granite kitchen platform with stainless steel sink with drain board, provision for aqua guard point, and washing machine in the utility area, wash basin will be set near the dining area. Fire resistant electrical wires (anchor or finolex) have been used, modern design electrical switches have been befitted, for safety purposes 1 earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) has been fitted in every apartment and 1 miniature circuit breaker (MCB) are also for each of the rooms are available in the main distribution box of every apartment. These apartments have emerged as one of the most rated ones according to Concorde Group Review.

Friday, 11 November 2016

How Real estate industry is driven by the force of Sustainability?

How do we cope up with scarcity? This had been in question for pretty long now, especially a country like India where her resources are scarce ever since the British left. Very few things in India have been quoted as not and a large chunk of population is still suffering without water, space, food and electricity. The basic amenities are at stake and the rest of us are surviving with a bit of currency power we have got but too far, its’ not going to help. In Bangalore, we are at the edge of falling apart and one of the fast diminishing resource is space.

On top of the scarcity, massive levels of destruction are happening to nature every day. Cutting trees, dumping plastic, mining and encroachment of land everywhere is just eating into the environment. How do we put it to an end and what can be the problem behind this? To all such queries, our reply should be sustainability. When we start focusing on long term benefits, we will be out of the ‘soup’ we are in right now. When our actions can be in sync with nature and we are driven by the fact that nature is also a limited source of sustenance we would reach the problem solving level.


Real estate and sustainability should go hand in hand because on one side, we are constructing on earth and converting lands into buildings. On the other side, this is space for accommodating people in the world. This has to be kept in mind and the use of environment has to be in the safe and effective manner. To put a tab on us destroying the nature with all those machines, we should have an agenda to minimise harm. Building strong structures and being strict about such quality controls are very necessary because that is long term benefit. It’s a part of sustainability process when you are saving money and time for the future, instead of building a low quality building, prone to even petty damage. We are not able to live without technology, but now the state is technology has encroached extremely into our lives and nature is at the verge of extinction.

Eco-friendly practices

These days, much environment friendly and sustainable alternatives have come up like green property, rainwater harvesting and also monitoring carbon related issues in the ecosystem. What has emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly technique off late is the concept of green property. Green property frequently delivers superior finance returns and market performance. Green property broadly focuses on the concern affecting long-term value generation and short term profitability. Companies are becoming more concerned about environmental issues and their corporate images which would not reflect the ‘not so green’ attitude.
There are also organizations who inculcate a kind of responsibility with the employees by promoting cloth bags, paper cups and not using plastic products.

“This is one industry where we are totally interacting and studying the nature always. The changes, the limitations and the potential are scrutinised and efforts are developed to interact better with nature. Apart from planting trees, we also use a technology called Kumkang to build homes and it is a Korean technology which takes less time to build homes. Their advanced build up is also largely resistant to earthquakes. Since calamities are on a rise, our quality should also be upgraded.”


Everybody knew Bangalore as a green city, loaded with gardens, sidelined with trees and parks. Now with very high level of pollution and aggressive urbanisation, the city is left with meagre space. Bangalore Habba was a perfect example of the community of Bangalore coming together for 15 days and celebrating arts and culture of the city. City’s lung space and green spots have to be revamped and expanded to let the air breathe.


The challenge is in creating infrastructure that can be used well beyond what its meant for. Most of the stadiums that were built when Bangalore hosted the National Games are all exhibition venues now, but that was not the purpose they were built for. London hosted the Olympics with its existing infrastructure and took most of the events outdoors to the roads and lakes and parks that they already had. Much space in Bangalore is not put to good use and effective utilisation of the property will bring in much required answers to the solutions in the city.

There are different, several alternatives to the easy and dangerous stints we take with nature for quick results. Sustainability is the key in real estate industry and smart management of air, water and space all accords to the environment we live in. Post the Environment Day; all of us are not bothered about planting trees or dumping waste. It’s all in our long term goals and agenda that we plan for sustainable actions for nature. Let us pledge to use the environment friendly practices rather than easy ones, which are really toxic.

Raja Mukherjee, Sales and Marketing Head of Concorde Group

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Bangalore Real Estate - Traffic Takes the Toll

Intensive real estate growth and floating population has put tremendous pressure on Bangalore. The number of vehicles on the road has tripled in the last year leading to traffic jams on the roads. The CBD region faces most of the chaos as it is the main hub of IT and ITes companies. Real estate development is another reason of city congestion as there is hardly any vacant space left in the city.

New expressways are coming to decongest the city and divert the traffic towards peripheral and Outer Ring Road (ORR) areas such as Airport Expressway. Apart from this a new 111km four lane Bangalore - Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project (BMICP) is proposed. The plan is to build a four-lane elevated concrete toll expressway to connect Bangalore suburbs to tackle traffic problems arising from high levels of growth. This expressway will reduce the travel time between Bangalore to Mysore from four hours to ninety minutes.

At the Bangalore end, a 41km peripheral road will connect the expressway to NH 4 (Bangalore-Pune) and NH 7 (Bangalore-Hosur). A 9.1km road will connect Bangalore city centre to the expressway. Development of five residential townships is also on the cards along with this expressway as another component of BMICP. This will automatically shift the real estate activities to peripheral and ORR areas.

Approximately 20,193 acres of land is identified in Bangalore, Mandya and Mysore which is being acquired by the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board. Of this, 4,000 acres of land is for the expressway and the rest is going to be used for other residential, industrial and commercial projects.

The upcoming expressways ensure better connectivity has certainly opened new corridors of real estate development. Real estate values are also increasing at peripheral and ORR areas and the capital values have registered 20 per cent increase in last quarter. It is estimated to grow further and angalore Real Estate market once again will be a trendsetter.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Booming Real Estate Sector in Bangalore

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is the capital of Karnataka and a major economic hub of India. It is India's fifth largest city and still growing at a rapid pace. This metro is rich in IT and software companies, telecommunication firms and other industries as well as in educational institutes, research colleges, etc. This has opened avenues for many real estate developers to build residential and commercial properties across the city.

Also, the population of Bangalore has increased by 35% in last seven years and is estimated to near 10 million in next two years. It is primarily because of the boom in IT sector resulting in economy's swift growth thus inviting job seekers from all over the country. This large scale migration has raised the need for residential complexes and housing facilities. Many leading real estate developers have now been fast developing the infrastructure in Bangalore and coming up with residential, commercial and industrial structures. The east of the city has especially been immensely developed with uplifting of the areas like Marathahalli, K.R. Puram, Sarjapur, Bannerghatta Road, J.P. Nagar, Kanakapura Road and Jayanagar.

The youth culture, lucrative job opportunities and contemporary infrastructure of Bangalore makes it one of the most sought after destinations. In the phase of economic slowdown, prices of property have reduced and all the attractions added to this make it perfect to buy property in Bangalore. To bolster the demand in real estate sector, property developers are imparting discounts and freebies on buying or booking a flat. Moreover, not many people are investing in property due to slump in economy and deferring purchases making property sellers further drop the prices. One may not get the property at such low rates again as soon as economy bounces back.

According to a report by the retail estate research firm, Cushman & Wakefield, Bangalore is the top real estate destination for commercial and industrial sectors. It has become third preference for residential and hospitality sectors in India for real estate investment. The report reinforces the result by adding that Bangalore may witness the demand of 34 million sq. ft. for office space in the next three years.

In fact, all the property developers have commenced with their plans of expansion in Bengaluru for growing residential and commercial needs. Latest reports suggest a revival of demand in commercial real estate by corporates and multinationals after the near exit of economic slowdown. It and ITes industries are considering expansion plans and evaluating opportunities available in Bangalore property market.

In today's time, the developments in real estate sector are targeted at middle and upper middle segments. Property developers believe them to be genuine buyers and not investors looking for reputed brands. Prices had hit rock bottom last year due to slackening demand of property but according to sources it will not reduce any further now as these segments hold huge potential. Real estate builders are now developing projects for both high-end and upper middle class segments. The property market of Bangalore is expected to be vibrant by the middle of this year by most of the real estate developers.

Unity Realty of Unity Infraprojects is putting in hundreds of crores to develop a mixed use housing project in Bengaluru.
Another real estate honcho, Sunil Mantri Group is planning to invest Rs 250 crores in building an integrated housing project in the city. This complex would feature 500 apartments fully equipped with all the modern amenities. They aim at creating exclusive lifestyles in natural surroundings at affordable prices.
Shriram Developers has already completed few projects in Bangalore and is now engaged in developing residential spaces across the city.

With the slated departure of recession and the large scale real estate developments in Bangalore, it is just the perfect time to buy property in Bangalore.
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