Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Concorde Group Review:- Bangalore Real Estate Focusing on Sustainable Development

Bangalore real estate is mushrooming with the property prices going up and down at the same time at different places within the city. Bangalore real estate builders are more concerned about the planned and strategic development of the city.

The state government is also taking initiatives and deep thoughts as to how and where to expand further real estate in Bangalore. The development should happen in such a manner that it doesn't lead to further congestion in the city. Secondly should have proper social and physical infrastructure linked. And thirdly it should be connected to the CBD.

The government and the authorities are closely working as to expand public transport and give some more space and satisfaction to the common people. Metro project is being given attention to plan it in a manner that it will help in de-congesting the traffic and make the Bangalore properties more accessible. Elevated road and expressway is the other project on which government is working efficiently to connect east - west and north-south of the city through elevated expressways.

People are also becoming aware and are actively participating and following the state laws. For example in Bangalore it is mandatory for the school children to come in school bus irrespective of the distance. This will help in reducing number of vehicles on the road in the morning in front of schools. Car pools are the second thing that can be seen there where people themselves are taking a step to form pools while going at a same place.

In this way government and public are joining hand to retain their heritage and at the same time make progress. Bangalore real estate prices are also gets influenced by this news. As better infrastructure and connectivity are the main parameters on which capital and rental value of the property depends thus Bangalore Real Estate is currently undergoing a mixed phase.

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